Get Your Business on the Google Map

The Formula For Page One Rankings on The Google Map 

Has your company ever wondered what needs to be done in order to rank on the Google Maps of your area? It's one of the most important and common questions we receive from Truck Repair businesses around the country: "How can I get my business to show up in my local area on Google Maps? Here is an outline optimization strategy for Google Maps that has aided hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses to rank within the first page of Google for local searches.

An Effective Formula To Rank On Page One of Google Maps

There are four main factors that go into ensuring your company ranks within the first page for local searches on Google Maps related to truck repair. These four elements are:

1. You must have a verified and claimed listing on Google Places.
2. You must optimize your listing on Google My Business for all of the areas which you offer services or operate.
3. You have to maintain consistent phone numbers, addresses, and names across the internet to help ensure Google that you're a legitimate and genuine business that is actually located in the space which you claim.
4. You need to have reviews from real clients regarding the services or products you offer.

Let's Take a Look at What Needs to be Done: 

  • Visit and sign in to your My Business Listing account.
  • Input the password and username combination that was used to claim the initial Google Local Listing or Google Places.
  • You might have to speak with a provider if you outsourced the application process. Since Google is one of the most important marketing sources for any business, you have to maintain access for reference and protection.
  • Conduct a quick overview scan to see if there are any issues with the current listing for your business, such as unapproved listings or duplicate listings. 
  • Be sure to follow the recommendations for removing a duplicate listing if you find one.
  • Hit the "edit" button on the Google business page in order to review all of your information to ensure it's optimized and correct. For example, you want to make sure your company name displays correctly and is exact. There shouldn't be any frivolous or unintended words that could throw off the algorithm and land your business on a lower ranking. 
  • Be sure to have a phone number with a local area code instead of a 1-800 number.
  • Look over the category or categories which you're labeled under to make sure the correct ones are selected. 
  • Double-check your hours of operation.
  • Upload high-quality and authentic photos. 
  • Connect external channels and resources such as YouTube, Google Analytics, and other social media.
  • Focus on building a loyal and authentic following. Don't attempt to hack the system. 
  • Post updates consistently through the Google My Business software.
  • Start curating references for your business' name phone number, address and other information across the internet by getting placed in online directories.
  • Set up a system for getting authentic online reviews from actual customers about your services.