Increase Website Engagement and Conversion Rates

How Can You Get More Calls and Leads From Your Truck Repair Website

You know how important engagement and conversion rates are, as well as how intrinsically linked they are. The more engagement with your target audience, the greater your conversions will be. This is because people will always do business with those they know, trust, and like, and nothing builds that kind of connection with your base than engagement. Let's take a look at some of the ways you can increase your engagement, and as a result, your conversions.

  • Your website should have a phone number in the top right hand corner
  • Your website should have authentic photos of your team throughout your site
  • Your website should have video on the homepage
  • Your website should have reviews and testimonials form your clients 
  • Your website should have a live chat
  • Your website should have clear Calls To Action on each page (tell them what to do next) 

The Importance of Above the Fold
On a web page the area "above the fold" before the reader has to scroll down is prime release in the online world. This is because a certain number of visitors simply won't scroll down at all, so all they will ever see is above the fold. This means that the area above the fold needs to be able to engage the viewer and hold their attention.

Have a Clear Value Proposition
Speaking of above the fold, this area of a web page needs to be able to communicate a strong value proposition. In other words, it needs to state what you're offering, why it's so awesome, and what the viewer has to do to get it.

Have Clear and Direct Calls to Action
Don't make potential customers think, do the thinking for them. Make sure you tell them exactly what they need to do in order to get whatever it is you're offering. A piece of sales material without a CTA is like a car with no wheels - useless.

Form Validation
Sometimes people make mistakes when filling out forms, and this can hurt your conversions. Make sure your forms are self-validating. In other words, the forms automatically check for mistakes, such as a zip code having too few numbers. or a required field being left blank.

Make Good Use of Social Proof
Testimonials and other forms of social proof such as case studies are incredibly powerful psychologically, and can erase all doubts from a potential customer's mind. Always use social proof if you have it, and if you don't, start collecting it ASAP.

Use these strategies wisely, and make sure you're always pushing engagement with your customer base. Do that, and your conversions will definitely improve.